Kosher Caregivers

Services: The Kosher Way

Kosher Caregivers is here to work with you, or your loved one, to elevate the level of care necessary to enhance the quality of life. Our service is customized to meet specific needs for as many hours, or as few, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our main focus is on you or your loved one's safety, well-being, and happiness and we strive to make our relationship with you, or your loved one, very satisfying. We cherish and welcome the feedback of both our Client and the family. Our main goal is to provide impeccable service and support to everyone involved. You are who we serve and satisfaction is our job.

Kosher Caregivers offers you, or your loved one, 24/7 Compassionate Service. We are always available for any reason or emergency including, but not limited to, a lost key to the home or car, car trouble, forgetfulness, medical concerns, etc. We will be there to calm any worries you may have.


Well Being Alerts:

    • We create a consistent system of communication (via e-mail or phone) with the family.
    • We apprise the family of any changes in your loved one (i.e. if your love one requires medical attention or if their physical appearance or mental state has changed).
    • We develop a checklist of items to discuss with the family for the well-being of your loved our, keeping in mind any and all situations the family may want to be informed of.
    • We check with the family to see if the "care plan" needs to be modified.
    • We make surprise visits to your loved one's residence to verify that the actual situation in the home is pleasant, clean, and safe. This also provides us frequent personal contact with your loved ones. We make sure that the staff and Caregivers are going their jobs and that your loved one is well taken care of.

The Process of Placing Caregivers

Prospective Caregivers will be selected based on needs, preferences, and "likes" of you, or your loved one. Interviews are arranged with you, or your loved one, and the family so that the most compatible and competent Caregiver is selected to fit all criteria. We also have several Caregivers available who understand and are able to keep the home and meals Kosher. As previously stated, the happiness, safety and well-being of you, or your loved one, are our primary concern.

All of our Caregivers understand the position they are accepting requires knowing the importance of showing you, or your loved one, respect and a very caring and loving attitude at all times.

Should an assigned Caregiver become ill or have to attend to a personal emergency, we will provide a replacement Caregiver of equal compatibility for you, or your loved one, immediately.

And most important, if a Caregiver is not meeting the expectations you, or your loved one, or the family desire, changes are made immediately.

Care Plan for Our Client

Kosher Caregivers, when appropriate or requested, will consult with the physicians, social workers, hospitals, and/or nursing home staff of our Client. Once a Client's assessment is complete, a Physician or Kosher Caregivers develops a care plan perfectly suited to our Client. We will then take the time to apprise the family of this care plan so it is fully understood and acceptable to the family. We are always available to share our experience and knowledge to help provide the Client, as well as the family, the information on what is needed or required for the well-being and safety of our Client. 

Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:


    • For Clients who are not familiar with their new neighborhood, are returning "snowbirds", or those who are considering a move to the area, Kosher Caregivers offers a "grand tour" of the area, and will gladly provide information on neighborhoods, shops, medical centers, and any other amenities our Client has an interest in, in order to seek out and obtain the best possible area for our Client to reside.
    • Kosher Caregivers is happy to recommend and make reservations at area restaurants, hotels, hair salons, etc. as well as provide transportation and/or accompaniment if our Client desires.
    • We will obtain directions to all necessary locations our Client needs or wishes to visit.


    • We maintain Emergency Numbers of Local Shelters and other Emergency Services
    • We can register our Client for a Special Needs Shelter pre-season.
    • We make sure that if our Client will not be in a Special Needs Shelter, that there is an alternative plan in place pre-season that offers appropriate care.
    • We can arrange to have Hurricane Shutters installed where applicable.
    • We gather all necessary hurricane supplies, including food, water, flashlights, spare batteries, radios, televisions, generators where available, etc. if staying in the residence.
    • We gather possible pre-emptive "Move Out of Danger Zone" supplies, including all necessary medications, clothing, food, water, flashlights, spare batteries, radios, etc.
    • We make sure all Homeowner's Insurance (or Rental Insurance), and FEMA are in place for post hurricane repairs and clean-up and will assist our Clients in getting reliable people to take care of any necessary repairs or clean-up.
    • We are there for any and all "End of Crisis" follow-up".


We will build a personalized care system designed to ensure that our Client is able to partake in whatever pleasant, exciting, and enjoyable pursuits they wish (i.e. cards, golf, friend and family visits, shopping, travel, etc.), including:

      • Lunch in special places
      • Surprise events, like birthday parties, with friends and family
      • Home-cooked meals prepared to their liking, including Kosher meals if desired


    • We currently have RN's on staff that will visit our Clients as needed or required to monitor medications and make an assessment of any possible medical needs.
    • We will keep the list of all Doctors current
    • We will collect business cards of the treatment team and file them for easy access
    • We will build personal relationships with key members of the treatment team.
    • We will record the names of the Office Managers in all offices.
    • We will keep our Client's medications filled and the medication list current.
    • We will make Doctors' appointments and inform the family of said appointments.
    • We will participate in the appointments if we are requested to do so.
    • We will provide transportation to and from the appointments as required
    • We provide "TLC" phone calls and Medication Reminders to remind Clients about their medication schedule, with all medications set up by a nurse or family member in a designated pillbox
    • Should our client enter the hospital for any reason, their Caregiver is still available to be with them for as long as is requested or desired, including their 24 hour shift if applicable. If necessary, the Caregiver will call an ambulance to transport, call us immediately to inform us of the situation, and follow the ambulance to the hospital. Our goal is to keep our client as calm as possible and to make sure they have a familiar face with them to allay their fears.


We will insure that our Clients get to wherever they may need or want to go, including but not limited to:

      •  Supermarket
      •  Shopping at the Mall or elsewhere
      •  Restaurants
      •  House of Worship
      •  Hair and Nail Salon / Spa
      •  Bank
      •  Airport        
      •  Pharmacy


    • We will keep a list of Family members and other contacts complete and up-to-date and easily accessible in our Client's residence.
    • We will assist in opening and sorting mail, if requested.
    • We will make phone calls and/or write letters, if requested.
    • We will strive to take the worry out of whether bills are being paid correctly and on time and that both personal and business correspondence are handled efficiently.
    • We make 'TLC" calls to make sure you are safe and sound.


    • Our Caregivers will keep our Client's home straight and will assist with light housekeeping. Their primary job is to be there to take care of our Clients. 
    • We will gladly recommend a cleaning service for our Client's home. 
    • We will gladly assist in finding reliable people when routine maintenance or even major projects need attending to with our Client's home.


    • We will make sure our Client's vehicle is in safe, working order by making sure that the required maintenance is attended to on a timely basis.
    • We will also make sure that should our Client receive notice that their vehicle registration or license fees are due, these are attended to on a timely basis, especially in all cases where either the Client or our Caregiver will be driving that vehicle.


    • We know that there may be times when our Client may leave the area, either for a short several day to a few weeks trip or a longer trip where they may desire to include their Caregiver. As long as it is within an area where Kosher Caregivers is licensed by AHCA, we can provide our client with Caregivers that are available to:
    • Accompany them for the summer if they have a home in another state that they reside in when it is hot in Florida
    • Accompany them on vacations, to see family or friends, within and out of the State of Florida.
    • Can be our client's companion on a cruise.
    • Can accompany our client to New York, as an example, for events or the theater. 


Taking care of an elderly parent or friend can be emotionally and physically draining on family and friends. Kosher Caregivers can help by providing respite services that give family caregivers a much needed break.

We look forward to the opportunity and honor to provide you, or your loved one, the respect, care, and love that you have provided to your family throughout their lives and would like to receive for yourself for the rest of your life.