Kosher Caregivers

What We Require Of Our Caregivers

Kosher Caregivers is a governmentally highly-regulated business. All Caregivers who work with Kosher Caregivers are required by law to pass a FBI Level 2 Background Check which is both a Federal (FBI) and State check. This Background Check is done using their Social Security Number of which we keep a copy of that card on file. We also require they pass a drug test, and obtain a Physician's Statement insuring they are free of any communicable diseases. IF they are HHA's (Home Health Aides) or CNA's (Certified Nursing Assistants) they must provide us with that proof of licensing.

We also request that every Caregiver provide us their CPR Certification and if they are HHA's or CNA's they must also provide Certifications of a wide assortment of courses we require (including, but not limited to, training in Alzheimer's/Dementia, Assistance with Medications, Domestic Violence, HIPAA, HIV/AIDS, OSHA) so they are more than adequately informed of the requirements necessary to take care of our Clients. 

If the Caregiver is joining us as a Companion, they are not required to obtain as many certifications but they are encouraged to obtain what they are able to and to consider upgrading their status by studying for and getting their HHA and/or CNA licenses.  Caregivers are also required to obtain a letter from their physician stating that they are free of any and all communicable diseases.

IF any of our Caregivers will be driving our Clients anywhere, they are required to provide us with both a copy of their Driver's License as well as a copy of their Car Insurance. We do a check of their Driver's License Number to insure that it is current and valid.


Everything listed above is checked on a consistent basis to insure that everything that has been provided to us is always complete and up-to-date, as is required by law.


All of our Caregivers carry Liability Insurance.