Kosher Caregivers

Our Mission

Since incorporating in 2007, the team at Kosher Caregivers has been committed to providing quality care-giving services, while enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of our clients.

Annie S. Benayoun, President and Founder
Trained in New York City as a Court Reporter, and moving on to sales and managing Jewelry Stores from Black Starr & Frost, to Saks Fifth Avenue, Annie excelled in everything that she did. It was no mistake for her to finally move to Florida to pick up her lifelong passion, caring for the seniors within her beloved community.

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco to a traditional Jewish and French family, Annie’s beloved father Alfred was a Judge. Annie’s devoted mother Simone, took extraordinary care of her 12 children, especially during WWII. Trained by her parents as “le baton de vieillesse” Annie was taught as the youngest of 12 to care for elders. Annie became the best “cane in old age” for her parents. At the age of 8 she was fighting fiercely with bureaucracies in New York, on behalf of her adored parents, speaking only minimal English. She continues to carry out this honorable tradition of being an amazing advocate for parents everywhere.

Bill Salmansohn, Vice President

Bill is the inspired husband of Annie, and was 
educated at various institutions including the New School for Social Research, Carnegie-Mellon, Denver University, and through an assortment of expansive training programs from IBM Sales to Landmark Education’s Communication Courses. Bill’s expertise is in the human touch, where the precious moments of life are felt and honored in a way that people love to be around him.

Having had 2 wonderful sets of grandparents, a bubby, a nanny, a Gramps and a “teensy-poppa”, Bill had the privilege of growing up in a very New York Jewish household. From the finely-tuned, carefully selected Yiddish expressions, to the raisin pumpernickel loaves coming home from the lower east side on Friday nights with Pop, warm family dinners around the Sabbath table, Bill has a lifetime of golden family memories.

Both Annie and Bill are dedicated to serving the needs of our elderly community with love and kindness. Their desire is to be able to offer our elderly the respect, honor, and caring that our elderly have offered to their families and friends throughout their lives. It is, in their opinions, the most important way to give back all the blessings that they themselves have received throughout their lives.